K-12 Education Grants

Why are technology grants for K-12 education important?

Private, charter, and public schools use technology in diverse ways to improve student academic achievement. Schools of all types across the country have eliminated paper completely from their curriculum in favor of using tablets, laptop distributions programs, and extensive computer labs.

The U.S. Department of Education suggests new technologies help students succeed as lifelong learners in a changing global economy. Research from the Pearson Foundation suggests technology in schools:

  • Create a more efficient learning environment
  • Increases student and teach productivity
  • Saves money when properly implemented
  • Help them outperform schools who do not use technology effectively

How does your school use (or plan to use) educational IT?

What kinds of funding are available?

There are 26 federal grantmaking agencies and more than 900 federal programs accessible through Grants.gov. Nearly all federal agencies allow grant applicants to request funds to purchase technology and equipment if the overall request (i.e. your solution) is compelling, evidence-based, and integrates technology into your broader work.

Most federal agencies do not promote specific technology grants for K-12 education. Rather, technology can be included (with supporting evidence) to support innovative programs. For example, the National Science Foundation offers more than $40 million in grants through a under the Discovery Research K-12 program. The program seeks to enhance significantly Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning for children and adolescents through research, development, testing, deployment, and scale-up of exemplary resources, models, and tools. The intent is to catalyze new approaches to STEM learning, develop students' 21st century STEM workforce skills, and provide the pathways and resources to study the learning process itself.

Examples of technology solutions you might request through federal funding such as the Discovery Research K-12 program include:

  • Developing new or existing technologies to improve academic achievement
  • Purchasing learning materials to integrate technology
  • Purchasing software, hardware, and technology maintenance and support
  • Developing computer skills for students
  • Providing professional development for teachers to enrich their own technology skills
  • Supporting collaboration between teachers, using technology
  • Increasing parent involvement in schools, using websites and email
  • Collecting and working with data to enhance teaching increased school improvement and overall student performance

Who is eligible for technology grants for K-12 education?

Technology grants for K-12 education may be of interest to teachers, school administrators, professors of education, county/state educational agencies, nonprofit organizations in partnership with schools or school districts, and colleges/universities that grant graduate degrees in education.

K-12 schools of all types across the country are eligible for technology grants. If you work in…

  • Childcare agencies
  • Preschools
  • Charter schools
  • Parochial schools
  • Public elementary schools
  • Public high schools
  • Alternative high schools

…you may be eligible for technology grants for K-12 education.

What people say about our recommended Grant Writers?

  “One of the great things about Jan’s work is that it has freed us up. No one else on our staff is quite the same skill level as Jan in government grant writing. In fact, we couldn’t afford someone as good as her if we had to keep them on payroll all the time, so being able to use her for projects is perfect. It matches our budget and our interests quite well. It allows my team to work on the things they are good at. She goes out and finds potential grant opportunities and connects us to those … and also guides us through the process, doing the research to understand the specific opportunities connected to that funding, and also tailoring it to match what she knows is our strategy and our mission. She moves in such a way that she’s constantly collecting information, thinking, and building these relationships and connections that make the effort quite easy. We are very blessed to have this partnership with Jan and I can’t say enough about what much she does for us and how she rounds out my team.”

— Chris Gonzales, Director of Development, KIPP Houston

When should we apply for technology grants?

Now! There are hundreds of millions of dollars available in grants to support your K-12 education IT projects. Check out the Grants page to find funding opportunities that fit your needs.

How can I learn more about K-12 education grants?

Join the USGG Technology Grants Community today!

Jan-Mitchell Johnson specializes in K-12 education grants. Her company Grantsformation has won over $130 million in grants to date.


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